Our Approach

Circle of Care is proudly celebrating its 20th year of helping patients transform their lives through a caring approach to weight loss bariatric surgery.

Dr Roy Brancatisano, Dr Mark Boccola and their dedicated team at Circle of Care have treated over 6,000 patients and are renowned for achieving outstanding world-class results.

The team has always realised that safe and effective surgery is a priority when choosing a surgeon and a clinic, and we are proud of our extremely safe surgical results. At Circle of Care, we aim to provide a non-judgmental environment to help our patients with their decision to change their life through weight loss bariatric surgery.

We understand that our prospective patients may also be fearful of surgical complications such as leaks, often hearing about this through social media. Dr Brancatisano is very proud of his results following gastric sleeve and bypass surgery with no reported leaks in over 2,000 patients.

At Circle of Care, we understand that surgery alone is not enough to achieve effective long-term weight control, which is why we have our in-house team of dedicated allied health staff including a dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist and patient liaison to support our patients before, during and after surgery. In 20 years, we have developed and refined our "Circle of Care" program to deliver the best outcome for our patients and we are there to offer support throughout their journey. Circle of Care patients also have exclusive use of our app, Care 4 Today education which is an essential tool helping to educate patients about what we do and how we can help.

On behalf of Circle of Care, we would like to extend our thanks to you for considering our clinics and it is an honour to be able to help patients transform their lives with weight loss.