The Circle of Care Nutrition Program is part of a comprehensive weight loss management program which helps you to understand your sleeve or bypass with specific education and coaching in:

  • Portion control - so you feel satisfied without discomfort
  • Comfortable eating technique so you can eat a wide range of food in a variety of situations
  • Mindful eating
  • Understanding nutrition and supplements
  • Long term weight control and minimising relapse

Circle of Care Nutrition Sessions

Nutrition Session Timing Topic Supports
Step 1:
“Liver-Shrink” and “Liquid-Diet”
2 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery
  • Easy to follow menus and recipes for before and after surgery
  • Online slide shows
  • Complete menu & recipe guide (book)
  • Face to face session with Practice Nurse
  • Email and phone as required
Step 2:
“Puree Diet”

2-4 weeks after surgery

  • Step by step guidance through the puree phase with Circle of Care Dietitian.
  • Discuss lifelong supplements.
  • Complete menus & recipes
  • Phone & email contact as required
Step 3:
Transition to solid foods

4 weeks after surgery.

Face to face, phone or skype.

  • How to eat comfortably with a sleeve or bypass: how much and what.
  • Phone & email contact as required.
  • Online guides on getting enough protein and calcium, choosing the best and yogurt, crispbreads, snacks
Step 4:
2 months after surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
  • Are you eating enough?
  • Online guide for handling social eating.

Step 5:

6 months After surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
  • Check blood tests and review supplements
  • Continuing email or phone contact as required.
Step 6:
12 months review and beyond
12 months after surgery Face to face, phone or skype.
  • Weight maintenance and anti-lapsing strategies.
  • Online guide for how to maintain weight guide.
  • Online pregnancy guide