The COC Exercise Program is part of a comprehensive weight loss management program after you undergo weight loss surgery.

Performing regular exercise is an important factor in achieving gradual weight loss and long-term weight control.

Your exercise consultant will present an overview of exercise following surgery, including:

  • Benefits of regular exercise
  • Types of exercise
  • Abdominal and general muscle strengthening
  • Posture and core stability
  • Common aches and pains
  • Precautions for exercise following weight loss surgery
  • Ways to boost your metabolism with exercise, which will promote weight loss
  • Strategies for motivation to exercise

Your exercise consultant will assess your exercise needs and discuss any physical limitations to exercising that you may face.

You and your exercise consultant will develop an exercise program tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. We will help you with planning long term goals that may include activities such as water exercise, dancing or gym programs. We will also discuss safe techniques that will minimise your risk of injury as you gradually increase exercise and strengthen muscles.

The program will help you to lose weight safely and effectively