How to choose the Best Bariatric Procedure For You

There are many factors that may influence which weight loss surgery procedure you choose. These include:

  • Seeing the results of a friend or family member
  • Individual goals: reversing diabetes and hypertension, getting off a CPAP machine, improving back and joint pain, having more energy, general health and well-being
  • Online research
  • Type of procedure: Reversible versus irreversible
  • Durability of procedure
  • Operative risk profile
  • Long-term complication profile

We believe the most important thing is a patient-centred approach in order to achieve your goals in the safest way possible.

Before recommending a particular procedure, we take a detailed medical and surgical history as this also influences what we can offer our patients.

An individual tailored approach is offered from the outset and continues after surgery with our 12-month inhouse allied health program. This provides education and coaching to help the transition to new eating techniques and long-term lifestyle changes.

We are also able to provide individual advice when needed, for example patients with previous sporting injuries, those who want to be involved in high-intensity interval training or those who need extra strategies to avoid comfort eating and deal with sugar addiction.

Our recommendation for the safest way to achieve your goals is generally given in the first consultation.

A second pre-operative consultation then occurs after performing baseline investigations before proceeding to surgery.

Read more about our program and your journey with us here.