How to choose the Best Bariatric Surgeon

You may be wondering who is the Best bariatric surgeon to look after you or a family member considering weight loss surgery. This is your most important decision. Your GP may be able to assist you with a referral, or you may be guided by recommendations from family and friends.

These are some things to consider:

  • Does the surgeon have specific training and expertise in bariatric surgery?
  • What is the surgeon’s experience and how many cases have they performed?
  • Do they audit their results and contribute to the Bariatric Surgical Registry?
  • What are their results? How many complications including leaks, bleeds have they had?
  • Has the surgeon published their data in peer-reviewed journals?
  • Is the surgeon invited to speak at bariatric conferences or involved in mentoring programs?
  • Do they work in a clinic with inhouse dietitians, psychologists, exercise physiotherapist to provide ongoing care and support?

Review Dr Roy Brancatisano’s biography and research results