Dear patients,

During these troubling and unprecedented times due to COVID-19, we need to make changes at Circle Of Care. Our primary focus is the care and safety of our patients and staff and helping to limit the spread of COVID 19. As you know, all elective weight loss surgery is now cancelled. Our clinic is now closed for face-to-face consultations, and we will endeavour to consult with new patients and follow up our current patients using tele-health using Zoom video conferencing. We are always contactable via our office phone or email.


For all our post sleeve or bypass patients who have had surgery, we will continue to offer all the follow up appointments via Zoom. For those who are unable to use Zoom, we will provide a phone consult. Your normal appointments will be scheduled and you will be notified. These will include follow up appointments with your surgeon, dietitian, exercise consultant and psychologist. Any patient who has an urgent problem or emergency, we would encourage them to go to their nearest hospital. We look forward to continuing face to face appointments at the clinic as soon as possible.


During this time, many people may continue to struggle with their severe obesity and related chronic health conditions, and may be considering weight loss surgery.

At Circle of Care, we can provide initial consultations to assess new patients who may be considering weight loss surgery in the future. We can provide a tele-health consultation with our surgeons to start the process to assess whether you are suitable for surgery. Any patient who has an existing initial assessment  or pre op appointment will be undertaken as scheduled.

Once the COVID 19 pandemic has resolved and we are back to normal activities, we will resume our clinic. Any of our current patients can make up their appointments or have additional appointments as necessary. Our Circle of Care program will be extended for our current patients.


Any patient who has an urgent problem or emergency, we would encourage them to go to their nearest hospital emergency.


For enquiries and appointments:

Please call (02) 8711-0134 from 9am to 12 midday each day Monday to Friday.


Tele-health appointment:  please download Zoom on your computer or device.

We will send a text messages for your upcoming appointments. If you are happy to use Zoom, please simply respond via text, and we will forward you the meeting link via email.

Thank you for your understanding at this very difficult time

Dr Roy Brancatisano and team.