Why aren’t I losing weight?

Why aren’t I losing weight?

Why aren’t I losing weight

Why aren’t I losing weight?

Mandy Turton, COC Dietitian

You can understand why you’re not losing weight if your ‘pigging out’ but when your trying hard, upped the exercise and come in weight stable, it is entirely frustrating.


So what is the reason?

Excluding an occasional thyroid problem, I am yet to trace another cause than an increase in fruit juice or nuts or a belief that eating 6 times per day is necessary to lose weight.

The ‘eat every 3 hours’ strategy was debunked last year by an Australian researcher but is still in circulation. In fact eating 6 or more times per day is associated with weight gain, as is eating 2 or less times per day.

According to our COC research, people that eat a healthy snack, such as fruit or diet yogurt, lose weight as well as those that don’t snack.

So back to the fruit juice and nuts.

First a bit of science, you need to drop your energy intake by 500 calories per day to lose weight from weight stable. I worked with a couple who started drinking 10 litres of fruit juice between them per week and stopped losing weight. That’s 2000 extra calories per week each equivalent to a loaf of bread or 300 calories per day. Eat fruit, don’t drink it.

Yesterday two people had stopped losing weight. Their 24 hour diet recall was the perfect 1200 cals for a woman, 1500 for a man. Funny thing is, nuts always comes as an afterthought after we’ve racked our brains and come up with naught. “Oh, by the way I have been eating a few nuts” . It turns out ‘a few nuts’ means ½-1 cup per day equivalent to 300-600 calories or 1-2 cheeseburgers.

Nuts are healthy at 1 tablespoon per day. If you can’t stop at that don’t eat them, they will spoil your weight loss. After all they are 50% oil.