The Darkside of the Snack & Beverage Industry

The Darkside of the Snack & Beverage Industry

“Food companies are in business, they’re not social service agencies.. and eating less is very bad for business.” Marion Nestle, one of the commentators on ABC’s “Globesity Fat’s new Frontier’’ televised 24/7/12.

Is this is a story of how big corporations can lose their moral conscience or is it just about keeping company shareholders happy? You decide.

“Globesity” explains how no developing country has successfully made the transition from under-eating to healthy eating. Instead the trajectory is straight to obesity with more than a little help from Western fast food chains, snack food and soft drink companies.

It’s a well constructed report about the rapid rise of obesity & chronic disease in the poor, developing countries specificallyMexico,China,IndiaandBrazil. It presents a picture of grossly unethical marketing and putting profits before people including the health and wellbeing of school children and newborns.

I found the most chilling picture an indigenous woman, in her tribal dress drinking a bottle of coke whilst breastfeeding her beautiful baby.

Disturbing, hard to digest & well worth a watch.