On guilt, shame and fatness

On guilt, shame and fatness

Mulling through the causes of the weight epidemic, I came across an entirely complex obesity map that said it all. Link below to check it out. Mind-boggling.

What can an individual do amidst this tangled web? A sleeve or band, work pretty well and you could work on reducing self-stigma to optimize your new-life experience at a lighter weight.

Too many successful weight-losers still feel fat, are haunted by a fear of weight regain or harbor an inner feeling of guilt or shame because of their fat-past.

Weight self-stigma means you internalize society’s beliefs and attitudes to fatness as if they were true and beat yourself up with them from the inside. It can affect your wellbeing, decisions, behaviors’ and your relationships.

Noticing, accepting and disconnecting from your own fat-prejudice is a quiet liberation.

Changing self-prejudice is a mighty challenge because so much is invested in it. Self-stigma becomes part of our identity and we defend that in order to feel secure. In reality, as secure as an ostrich with its head in the sand.

At the heart of self-prejudice is a fear of rejection. We like to get on top of it before it happens, to predict and plan our way around it. This fear of rejection is nothing personal, it’s normal-human-mental-architecture from tribal days.

The point is time has changed, the chance of being left to the wolves in a threatening landscape is remote (unless we use it as a metaphor for modern life where it lives on!).

There is not much research on weight self-stigma and we are considering doing some at COC. If you are interested in playing with your weight self-stigma, let me know.

Mandy. COC Dietitian.