• which has less calories beer or skim milk?

    Which has less calories – lite beer or skim milk?

    A ‘counter intuitive’ answer – it’s lite beer at 100 calories per schooner. A schooner of skim milk has 125 cals.

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  • Did you eat 25 different foods this week?

    Food variety has been shown to be a valid measure of nutrition adequacy. Quantity is also important, especially for the newly-sleeved who are limited to around 1/3 cup of food per meal.

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  • Portion Perfection

    You may know about Gold Coast Dietitian Amanda Clarke’s picture books “Portion Perfection”. She also sells the little dinner plate with divisions sketched on it. Amanda also has an online “Snack E-Bible” to 100 calorie snacks.

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  • Are you a choc-top fan?

    I grew up with choc-tops at the local cinema.
    There were no jugs of lollies nor buckets of popcorn. We ate Maltesers, Fantales and Jaffas, those orange coated chocolate lollies you could roll down the wooden isle at critical movie moments.

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