Low carb or low Gi?

Low carb or low Gi?

It’s too late to comment on the new Australian Guide to Healthy Eating but you may like to take a peek. Every decade or so a panel of experts review and update what becomes the foundation of nutrition policy in schools, nursing homes, institutions and healthy eating campaigns.

Interestingly it is not low carb. Higher protein diets don’t have to be low carb by default. For example the popular and nutritionally sound CSIRO diet includes 4 serves of grain foods per day. Low carb is the latest fad, like the low fat fad of the 70’s. It will pass.

This guide is a draft and does not include any responses to submissions. There has been a request to incorporate sustainable eating into the guide, which I wholeheartedly back especially when this guide will be “set in stone” for the next decade.

I get the impression most people ignore the governments food guides, especially the last one, that I too ignored because it was too “Pritikin”. That is, low fat and bulky. I prefer the other healthy alternative, The Mediterranean style of eating as it is more ‘user friendly’.

The bottom line of the recommendations is the average Aussie needs to cull their alcohol and junk food intake, drink more water, triple veg, double fruit intake and halve their meat serve. A few more serves of baked beans or houmus wouldn’t go astray.

It’s not really about living longer because we already do. It’s about living healthier into our old age so we remain independent, mobile and leave the health care dollars to the non-lifestyle related diseases.

Yawn-warning but worth a look. I will be disappointed if the sustainability issue is assigned to the too hard or ‘upset too many people’ basket.