IMPORTANT: Sleeve and calcium update

IMPORTANT: Sleeve and calcium update

A new update on nutrition and sleeve gastrectomy has recommended 1200-1500mg daily calcium intake from food and supplement combined for people with a sleeve. Previous recommendations were 1700mg. The upper range for women 51yrs + and men 70+ yrs.
Consuming 3 serves of dairy foods per day will get you to 1000mg and 250-500mg calcium citrate supplement will top you up ie. 1-2 citrical tablets or ¼-1/2 sachet of Calvid.

Check out the calcium ready-reckoner from your 3rd Dietitian visit for calcium equivalents. For example:

600ml skim milk (2 medium or 3 small cappuccinos) = 3 serves and the lowest kilojoule option @ 200 cals compared to 750 ml whole milk @ 400 calories.

or 2 slices cheese, 200g yogurt and 250ml lite milk = 3 serves and 500 cals.

Bearing in mind exceeding your calorie quota is highly unlikely in the first year, the calories will be more significant thereafter.

You may still develop osteopenia (reduced bone density) or osteoporosis on these intakes as your bone health has so many other variables and begins before birth. Resistance, strength building and weight bearing exercise helps keep your bones healthy, even 2 minutes of jumping 8cm off the ground every day. When you are big, you generally have strong bones due to weight bearing so an increase in activity as you lose weight is recommended to maintain bone strength.

Just for a laugh, the same guidelines recommend “3 small meals per day….and 5 serves of fruit and vegetables” . That’s equivalent to 3.5 cups of fruit and veg! In the first year the only way you can consume that amount is with ½ cup juice and a piece of fruit plus 1 cup veggie juice. By 1 year you will be eating more but sometimes not more than 1 cup per meal so a daily fresh veggie juice and fruit as a snack may be an ongoing good idea!
Source: AACE/TOS/ASMBS Guidelines. Endoc Pract. Vol 19 No.2 March/April 2013