Aussie men are drinking and smoking less but getting fatter

Aussie men are drinking and smoking less but getting fatter

70% of Australian males are overweight or obese, 80% of middle aged. This translates to 4kg gain and 2cm around the waist since the last Australian Health Survey in 2007-2008.

Women have put on a similar amount.
Child obesity and overweight have hit a plateau, albeit a high one at 25% or 1 in 4.

Other highlights include:

  • over half (55.6%) of all Australians aged 15 years and over considered themselves to be in very good or excellent health, while 4.0% rated their health as poor.
  • the average Australian man (18 years and over) is 175.6 cm tall and weighs 85.9 kg. The average Australian woman is 161.8 cm tall and weighs 71.1 kg.
  • just over 3.1 million people (21.5%) aged 18 years and over have high blood pressure

What this means is the government weight loss campaigns and indeed the weight loss and fitness industry are not making inroads into the rather rapid national trend to weight gain.
Amongst all this is a rising swell, coming fromAmerica calling for ‘fat acceptance’ and ‘health at any size’, which is offered as an alternative to actively targeting overweight and obesity. The bottom line of this movement is the fat-phobic focus of health authorities. I wonder if it can make any difference to the health of our nation?

I doubt it but maybe the other alternative, The Mindfulness Movement can slow the rate down. Mindful eating has been shown to halt weight gain in some studies, something we have not seen yet in other research fields.