Are the new Smiths Crisps healthy?

Are the new Smiths Crisps healthy?
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At last The Smiths Snackfood Company has replaced unhealthy fat with healthy fat. The crisps are now similar in IQ to the Kettle and Red Rock Deli.

A healthy chip is:

  • Less than 400mg sodium per 100g
  • Contains healthy fat: saturated fat is less than 1/5th the total fat.
  • Dietary fibre is 5g or more per 100g

The label declares the total fat is 33 g with sat. fat at 3.3g so , yes it is healthy fat. That’s 1 out of 3 so far.

Dietary fibre falls short at 3g. no tick there.

Sodium is 1000mg in the salt and vinegar and 486 mg per 100g in the chicken flavoured, so the chip remains only 1 out of 3.

One step better than Twisties and Bacon Rings but still in the category of ‘junk food’. Stick to your healthy crispbread and avocado.


To tell you the truth, I have not found a chip that meets the above criteria. I must say though, that I do buy these chips, along with popcorn for my kids school lunches. Slack I know as a Dietitian but if I don’t, they swap a more expensive often home made healthy snack for someone else’s packet of chips.

Did you know a 100g packet of crisps is equivalent in calories to 5 slices of bread or 15 punnets of strawberries?