Would you like stabilizers with that?

Would you like stabilizers with that?

Call me old fashioned but you won’t get me drinking a coffee with sugar listed as the highest ingredient followed by milk solids, vegetable oil, soluble coffee, maltodextrin, stabilizers (340, 452, 331), salt, anti-caking agent (551) and flavour.

No thanks. I will stick to my 2 ingredient real latte with homogenized milk and 100% coffee beans. When I drink my real latte, I will be consuming 7g more protein, a lot more calcium and no unnecessary additional “stuff’ that will be entering my body and its cells over the next couple of hours.

By the way, there is no hazelnut in the powdered hazelnut latte. The “rich nutty notes” in aroma and taste, is the outcome of a skilled flavouring chemist.

Michael Pollan, best selling American food journalist and supporter of the Real Food Movement says:

  • If it came from a plant eat it. If it was made in a plant, don’t.
  • Don’t get your fuel from the same place your car does.
  • It’s not food if it moved through the window or your car.

Just a few tips from his latest book “Food Rules” An Eaters Manual.

Even traditional foods are being “enhanced”. For example, there is more sugar and salt in bar-b-que sauce now than there was when I was a fledgling Dietitian in the 80’s. The lowest I could find was Coles Bar-B-Que sauce with 37% sugar and 561 mg sodium per 100ml. Masterfoods has 54% sugar and Woolworths Select 1230mg sodium. The no added salt Eta sauce, good enough for our grandfathers’ is no longer produced.

Michael Pollan is appearing at the Opera House in July – follow link below and check out plus a link to an ABC interview and to his latest book on amazon.