Portion Perfection

Portion Perfection

You may know about Gold Coast Dietitian Amanda Clarke’s picture books “Portion Perfection”. She also sells the little dinner plate with divisions sketched on it.

Amanda also has an online “Snack E-Bible” to 100 calorie snacks.

If you eat around 300 calories per meal then you have around 300 calories to ‘spend’ between meals for a total 1200 cals per day. Men can often eat up to 1500 cals a day.

We all know grazing is a bad habit but if you get hungry during a long gap in the day, this link may be a useful resource for you to limit your snacking to 300 calories or less, whatever works for good weight loss progress. You know the gastric band is well adjusted if you last 3-4 hours without hunger after a meal. But what do you do if there is a 6 or 7 hour gap between meals?

Dr Roy and Dr Tony have a ‘no snack policy’. You can drink a low cal drink to help reduce hunger but sometimes it’s not enough. Research shows a piece of fruit between meals does not slow down progress. Test it out for yourself and skip snacking if it gets out of control.


her website is also a good resource www.greatideas.net.au