Looking for a naturally caffeine free tea?

Looking for a naturally caffeine free tea?

You can purchase teas with the caffeine removed by a chemical process or you can buy naturally caffeine free tea grown inSouth Africa and sold under the name Rooibos or Red Tea. Available in supermarkets.

You can buy flavoured blends in the lovely specialist tea shops including green Rooibos.

Technically it is not a true tea but from my taste testing, tastes like a mild flavoured tea. Nothing herbal. At first I did not like it, but it ‘grew on me’ especially as I gave up caffeine a year ago and don’t drink much water in winter.

Full of antioxidants, like tea and coffee, Rooibos has been shown to be half as effective in treating gout as the gout medication. I couldn’t get access to the study so am not sure how much tea you would have to drink .

The bonus for vegetarians is that it has a lot less tannin, so not so likely to decrease iron absorption. Normally tea and coffee should be avoided within 2 hours of a vegetarian meal to enhance iron absorption from non-blood sources.

Honey Bush is another South African native sold as tea, also caffeine free and low in tannins. Visit your local tea shop for a sniff-test and try some of the gorgeous teas waiting in boxes for you to indulge.

For interesting historical facts about Rooibos:


Mandy Turton, Dietitian .