Is it food or a chemist’s concoction?

Is it food or a chemist’s concoction?

Mystery Label Guessing game #1

What common 99% fat free food-like item belongs to this label?

Wheat flour, colour, maltodextrin, maize starch, dehydrated chives, corn & onion, sugar, creamer, glucose syrup, milk protein, mineral salts 339 & 450, salt, flavours, soy sauce, flavour enhancers 621 & 635, vegetable oils, hydrolysed corn protein, colour, food acid, spice extract.

Protein content: 2g per serve. (you need to aim for 10-30g at lunch)

When you choose this for lunch, it is similar to the nutrients in 1/3 cup plain boiled pasta or rice – but you do not live in a poverty struck third world country do you?

If you add 1/3 cup frozen veggies and 1/3 cup shredded left over bar-b-que chicken, canned crab or frozen diced prawns the protein content goes up to 22g. A much better lunch.

Other options: make soup, or buy fresh soup from a wholesome outlet or find a label with significant protein per serve. (8g or more)

answer: continental chicken and sweetcorn cuppa soup