How to stop eating after dinner

How to stop eating after dinner
  • Go to bed
  • Drink water or tea instead, maybe you are just thirsty especially if you had wine with dinner
  • Eat enough during the day including the good carbs (low Gi) – mentally you may feel entitled to over eat
  • Feed your face* during the day – it may want to eat due to a lack of gratification during the day
  • Eat mindfully at dinner, so you get taste fatigue (your face* has been gratified)
  • Go cold turkey for 1 week, about the amount of time it takes to stop an anticipatory habit – where the hunger hormones spike at a conditioned time of the day in anticipation for a sweet treat
  • Stick to the “don’t eat in front of the TV rule” if you get the urge to eat, turn the idiot box off and sit at the table. Eat mindfully.
  • Change your routine after dinner – read instead of watching TV, go to bed, drink a nice pot of tea , water of low sugar drink, take up knitting or cross words or sudoko so your hands are busy
  • Clean your teeth or chew gum – makes food taste less appealing
  • Don’t have tempting items in the house, a food craving only lasts 15 mins
  • Breath – take 3 stair breaths** to reduce the urge to eat when you are not hungry
  • Limit snacking to a 100 calorie pre-packaged item eg. Muesli bar or healthy food like fruit

*Eat with your face:
Your eyes, nose and mouth enjoy eating and can give you an impulse to eat when you are not hungry if they have not got their fill over the day. Distracted eating denies these 3 sense organs their pleasure so let them smell, see and taste every bite. Halve your bite, double your chewing so they leave you alone between meals.

**Take 3 stair breaths
Breath out then take as many little breaths in as you can, like climbing stairs. Go as high as you go before you let it out in one big relaxing sigh. Do this 3 times and feel the wave of relaxation over your scalp and eyes. Sometimes non-hunger eating is triggered by tension.