Eat junk, feel junked: you are what you eat

Eat junk, feel junked: you are what you eat

Being a student of meditation has its advantages. I get to learn a lot about alternative ideas that challenge my western assumptions.

Let me tell you about Kosha’s and Guna’s and you can see if they are relevant to your own eating experiences.
According to Indian Tradition, the Self has 5 layers or sheaths called koshas. Shrek was right when he said people are like onions.

Annamaya kosha is the physical layer and is primarily made from the food we eat. You can imagine the feeling of this sheath if it is made from poor quality food as opposed to good quality.

According to Hindu philosophy a poor diet increases tamas – one of the 3 gunas of creation that can lead to inertia, lethargy and reduced mental clarity.

Buddhism has a similar concept and calls this soporific energy moha, a state of being deeply clouded, in which the mind is not clear.

Why not test this out for yourself or just save time and reflect on some of the fast food meals you have eaten or any gluttonous encounter to realize there is some subjective truth in it. How was your mind’s clarity and your energy levels on the afternoon of 25/12/2011?

I sat with a friend in meditation after lunch, he had eaten burger and chips and regretted it shortly into the meditation.

So if you want to increase your mojo and reduce your moha – get organized around food and eat the best quality food you can afford. Go easy on the alcohol and let the resulting clarity help you slip into the fifth and deepest kosher of blissful sleep Anandamaya kosha.