Coles new plastic recycling program

Coles new plastic recycling program

Top marks to Coles innovation at turning our soft plastics into Australian made bench seats for pre-school and primary schools!

In addition to plastic & bread bags Coles will take:

  • Clean-ish cling wrap
  • Old reusable ‘green’ bags
  • Biscuit packets (the outside wrap)
  • Confectionary packets (even chocolate & potato chip wrappers)
  • Frozen food produce bags (corn, peas etc..)

Coles collects, REDcycle pick up and Replas, the first plastic recycling company in Australia make the 97% recycled furniture.
Check out the Replas site to see where our QLD, NSW and VIC soft and hard plastic waste goes

I rang Replas and had a chat to their friendly receptionist who told me 1kg of plastic waste makes 1 kg of product. So 85kg of soft plastic waste or 1062 x 2kg plastic milk bottles makes a sturdy and enduring bench seat.

The company also makes fence poles, stairs, walkways and marine products that outlast timber.

That’s what I like to see – innovation and manufacturing in Australia!