Can meditation help you lose weight?

Can meditation help you lose weight?

According to my meditation teachers probably not. They had a few obese meditators who didnt lose weight. However recent brain research on addiction suggests regular meditation can re-train your brain to reduce junk food cravings.

There is some research that suggests meditation training may stop people putting on weight. You meditate because you want to.

Meditation is an adventure into the last unexplored frontier: inner space. The process of meditation is an ‘involution’ which is like turning a glove or sock inside out. Your inner world is all around you and the outside world is remote.

Your thoughts can intrude, like buzzing flies but you get good at getting back into the space when they distract you. Apparently they go away after about 10,000 hours of practice. (!)

The process is a relaxing away from the ordinary mind (the source of thoughts and emotions) into a more peaceful ‘space’ that is extremely vast, restful & rejuvinating.

Meditators call the opening into the space, that occurs within a few minutes of closing your eyes, “the Velcro tape effect’. Its like someone is ripping a velcro tape (gently) off your head.

It is is an experience where the content of the container (the space) is much bigger than the container itself (your head). It works wonders for anxiety or stress.

The inner space experiences are rip-your-shirt-and-sox-off. Totally mind-blowing. and way better than chocolate, chips or wine in my opinion.

Interestingly my eating habits have changed dramatically since taking up meditation. It happened from the inside-out. My body just told me what it wanted and did not want to eat and I obliged.

The meditation school I attend has a handful of introductory weekends each year (Awakening the Third Eye). The next is on October 20-21st. For more details visit . There are different styles & schools of mediation.