Are you a choc-top fan?

Are you a choc-top fan?

I grew up with choc-tops at the local cinema.
There were no jugs of lollies nor buckets of popcorn. We ate Maltesers, Fantales and Jaffas, those orange coated chocolate lollies you could roll down the wooden isle at critical movie moments.
If you are old enough, you may remember that there was always a half-time when the lights came on and everyone trundled out to buy something to eat and have a comfort stop. It also gave the cinema guy time to change movie reel. Yes, that’s how old I am.

Enough reminiscing and onto the hard facts: a choc top delivers around 320 calories and in case you were wondering that maxi-popcorn washing-basket delivers more than 3 cheese burgers worth of sting @ 940 clicks on the calorie dial. The small popcorn, if they make it anymore is a better option at 170 calories.

I am a fan for non-distracted eating. An American researcher named Brian Wansink gave movie goers stale popcorn for free and found many of them ate it, one person wanted their money back.
Put a peg on your nose, blindfold your eyes and block your ears. Then eat some popcorn. This is about how much you can taste it when you are watching a movie.

Instead of eating in front of a DVD at home, why not have a half time break to eat a little and then get back to the movie. This is a good practice to get into if you have young kids as screen eating is a great way to eat more than you need and put on weight.
Frankly, you really don’t need to eat at all but try telling that to big screen fans.

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