An honest look at Obesity and where we are at

An honest look at Obesity and where we are at

Dr Karen Hitchcock, a Melbourne obesity physician and fiction writer says it is time for us as a society to either eat less or accept obesity. She talks with compassion, insight and honesty – I highly recommend you listen to the 20 minute interview with the ABC broadcaster aired this week.

Obesity is multifactorial in its causes and she points the finger fair and square at the powerful junk food industry that spends millions on marketing psychologists and food chemists to get us to eat their low satiety, highly desirable remotely food-like substances.

She pulls no punches, saying it is up to individuals to decide on their fate – to accept obesity and the cocktail of drugs that will make their damaged organs last longer or eat less and live a much longer and better life. No easy solutions but very thought provoking as are the links at the end of the article.

The listener comments are well worth a read also.

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