A fear of hunger?

A fear of hunger?

Eating too often, being overly focused on the next meal or snack, eating too much at meals…could a fear of hunger be behind these urges and habits?

I was at a meditation class last night and the instructor suggested the class do a cleansing diet for 1 month to see if it helps the meditation practice. It is more or less a macrobiotic diet – no sugar, caffeine, yeast, meat, alcohol, dairy etc..etc…

As you could imagine there was a lot of discussions and a little anxiety about giving up some favourite and familiar foods. Our seasoned instructor pointed out our resistance and also mentioned a fear of the fire of hunger. Whenever they mention ‘fire’ they mean intensity (of feelings or thoughts).

That got me curious so I googled and found a couple of blogs on the topic. It seems to me that anyone can have this irrational fear or dread, irrespective of body weight. The responses are worth reading as well such as “hunger is not an emergency and we don’t have to respond to it as if it is.”

Tell me what you think-feel about this topic.