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Worst sandwiches and wraps slideshow

A slideshow of pumped up sandwiches (USA) and downsized alternatives. One sandwich has 1200 calories, but it doesn’t really look like it. Good education in the printed commentary. If you have a partner or child that slaps on the butter … Continue reading

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Sustainable Seafood Guide

Did you know, like Europe, Australia has a sustainable seafood guide put together by The Australian Marine Conservation Society and independent marine biologists. In a nutshell, here are the sustainable seafood choices: Leather jacket Bream Eel Australian Salmon Bonito Herring … Continue reading

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Ginger Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice

To get the calories right in this yummy recipe (350 per meal for a woman) from it’s current 700 cals per serve: halve the portion of salmon to the thickness of your palm 200g is about hand size. don’t use … Continue reading

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David Gillespie’s Big Fat Lies

If you are after a critique for David Gillespie’s new book “Toxic Oil” visit the link below. If the interview is too long for you, go straight to the Australian Heart Foundation response paper for a quick review. See 2nd … Continue reading

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Cause of death: Coca Cola

30 year old New Zealand mum dies of cardiac arrhythmia from drinking too much coke.

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Big Brands = big ethics fail

The following information could turn you off snack foods and sweetened beverages, so if you need some help, why not come along for the ride? Oxfam has just released a report on how the multi-national food and beverage companies are … Continue reading

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An honest look at Obesity and where we are at

Dr Karen Hitchcock, a Melbourne obesity physician and fiction writer says it is time for us as a society to either eat less or accept obesity. She talks with compassion, insight and honesty – I highly recommend you listen to … Continue reading

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