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Donna Hay’s Thai Beef Salad

Oh yum this looks so good, if I wasn’t a pescitarian (vego and fish) I would cook it up ASAP.

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Most people don’t worry about their salt intake, should you?

Did you know the average amount of salt in processed foods has gone up by 9% over the last 10 years and is estimated to be responsible for 2000 more deaths and 6000 more strokes and heart attacks each year … Continue reading

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A coffee could give you meal’s worth of calories

Did you know some coffees have the same calories as 2-3 schooners of beer? Some of you would have seen the Gloria Jeans calorie comparison in my office, here is another take on it from the Dietitians’ Association.  “We were … Continue reading

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How to get enough protein if you have a sleeve or band.

The average woman needs a minimum 60g protein per day and at least the same amount of carbohydrate for weight loss. If you stick to around 1000-1200 cals per day you will generally lose ½-1 kg per week. Men need … Continue reading

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Fancy a mudrun?

Perhaps you have heard about the daunting 20km Tough Mudder obstacle course just outside of Sydney designed by British Special Forces (were the Aussies asleep?) to test your strength, stamina and camaraderie? That’s if you are already incredibly fit and … Continue reading

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Are the new Smiths Crisps healthy?

At last The Smiths Snackfood Company has replaced unhealthy fat with healthy fat. The crisps are now similar in IQ to the Kettle and Red Rock Deli.  A healthy chip is: Less than 400mg sodium per 100g Contains healthy fat: … Continue reading

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Seared Salmon Salad

Take care not to over cook the salmon. I still need practice.

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Aussie men are drinking and smoking less but getting fatter

 70% of Australian males are overweight or obese, 80% of middle aged. This translates to 4kg gain and 2cm around the waist since the last Australian Health Survey in 2007-2008. Women have put on a similar amount. Child obesity and … Continue reading

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Slideshow: 10 ways to boost your metabolism

Sounds great but alas no quick fixes here – still worth a look though as there maybe something you can do you didn’t know about.

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