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Did you skip breakfast today?

Recent neuroscience research on a small number of volunteers has found breakfast skippers eat 20% more at lunch and seek higher calorie foods. I guess we could have told them that, but it is interesting when the obvious is backed … Continue reading

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Excessive TV viewing cuts your lifespan by 4.8 yrs.

Check out this user friendly article summarising a couple of recent studies on Television viewing and sitting a lot. Apparently the average adult spends 50-70% of their time sitting (I guess I do). We can’t always help it due to … Continue reading

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Do calcium supplements increase the risk of heart attack?

Recent media attention on this subject caused quite a stir, and fairly so. OsteoporosisAustraliahas responded by looking at the research and has come up with a “no – keep taking your supplements”. Check out the following link for an easy … Continue reading

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A fear of hunger?

Eating too often, being overly focused on the next meal or snack, eating too much at meals…could a fear of hunger be behind these urges and habits?  I was at a meditation class last night and the instructor suggested the … Continue reading

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